First of all: Do people still read print magazines?

The answer is yes, still in 2020 many people who do not want to give up the sensory experience of paper, read magazines of the most diverse genres, with suggestive articles and good photography to enjoy on a Sunday morning.
So, a printed magazine in which you can share your company information and history, product news, and contact information with others will always be good publicity for your business.

File Format, Layout & Cover Guidelines

- Your files must be in PDF format, able to be edited if need it.

- Make sure that the file comes in single pages, arranged in the correct reading order, and contains all pages, including the four cover pages. 

Design & Layout Tips

- Magazines are printed in CMYK. Images in RGB or PANTONE colors will automatically be converted.

- 300dpi is the required resolution for magazines. Lower resolution files will affect the quality of the final print.

- Make sure to include bleeds and margins.

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